Its all about the Res

Happy New Year!

The Clickies have started the New Year feeling pretty optimistic actually and as such were pretty quick of the mark at reeling off resolutions for the year ahead. So we’ve decided to challenge one another by listing them on the office notice board (and now on the website too). These are not boring work related goals either (we already have 5 notice boards of those!), these are our own personal targets.

With 3 of us prepared to sign up for the Exbury 10K this year, it seemed only apt that one of Paul’s targets came with a condition… if he doesn’t hit his mid March goal then we wont be running! Simples. So the pressure is really on now and with the snow already hampering Miranda’s target of running 3 times a week in preparation for the event, it could get pretty tough.

Mark however, always going that extra mile, is likely to find Exbury more of a walk in the park. He has committed to run not only the Exbury 10K but also the Edinburgh 10K and the Great North Run (again), which is 21K! We did try to throw in the London Marathon too but he wasn’t too keen for some reason.

So there you have it. It may be snowing outside but the heat is on in the Clickfire house!